ZOOKEEPER : Blast Quest

Zookeeper is back as a new VR game! This time, a brand new shooting puzzle game!
Meet Zoo Owner and animals in Virtual Reality Space,
Enjoy an immersive experience in "ZOOKEEPER : Blast Quest" !

ZOOKEEPER : Blast Quest

Now Available on Meta Quest Store

Experience an exciting and exhilarating new kind of Puzzle!

"ZOOKEEPER : Blast Quest" is a new whole experience where you can meet the familiar Zoo Owner and animals from ZOOKEEPER!
Destroy matching color blocks using Shooter, more colors means more boosters and more explosion!

Rebuild the Zoo back to its former glory!
The Player's objective is to rebuild a large zoo which was abandoned long time ago.
Respond to requests from visitors and animals, Clear puzzles and missions to complete the zoo!
The missions include feeding animals, help visitors find their lost child, fishing, and many other fun mini-games!
Your mission is to get as many visitors as possible and bring the zoo back to its former glory!

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About ZOOKEEPER : Blast Quest

Game Mode: Single User
Supported Controller: Oculus Touch
Genre: Puzzle
Languages: English(US) + Japanese

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