Pikachinkit Puzzle Crush

Pikachinkit has arrived as a simple puzzle game!
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Pikachinkit Puzzle Crush

The rules are simple! Match 3 pieces together! Let‘s complete multiple stages with lots of gimmicks!
Enjoy the original story step by step while you proceed through the map with Pikachinkit! Pochiro, James and other Robos await you! If you’re lucky, you might find something unique about them!

When you collect the Pikachin Card, you’ll be able to have other Robos as your companions. Each Robo has special skills and they will support you by activating them. Let’s get your companions and acquire more advantages in your gameplay!

The key is how you strategically choose your partner Robo!
Each Robo has their unique skills they can use to support you for solving the puzzles. Collect the cards to make the Robos part of your team, and select the best Robo to help you solve the puzzle!

Collect the cards to power up your Robos!
Pirameki-battles with other rivals await you! Match pieces together to exhaust your opponents’ energy, and strategically use your Robos to beat them! You can battle the rivals with a maximum of 3 partner Robos.
Build a strong party by collecting cards and enhance your partner Robos!