After being created as a web-based game in 2002, it's been expanded for use on mobile, social media, and home-use platforms! It's the ultimate action puzzle game played by over 30 million!

Zookeeper Battle

The ultimate action puzzle game "Zookeeper" is available in battle puzzle!
Compete with players around the world in upto 5 30second rounds.
Win battles, collect avatars, and create your own original zoo!

Zookeeper DX

Slide animal panels vertically or horizontally to match more than 3 of the same panels. The game includes a leaderboard where you can compete a high score. Who wants to be the best Zookeeper!?

Zookeeper Series(home-use game software)

  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo DS
  • PS2
  • GBA

The popular puzzle game is available in Nitendo 3DS!
The intuitive navigation with stylus pen is a perfect match for Zookeeper.
Enjoy the adorable animals in 3D graphics as well as 8 different game modes.