Zookeeper World

Solve simple match-3 puzzles to create your own zoo. Make it the only one of its kind in the world!

Zookeeper World

  • Apple Arcade

Now available on Apple Arcade.

Zookeeper, the definitive action-puzzle game played by more than 30 million people, is now available as an Apple Arcade exclusive!

Get through a variety of puzzles and collect Coins to fill your zoo with cute animals, plants and more! They’ll increase your zoo’s Charm and attract all sorts of visitors!

As you complete requests from these visitors as well as the Boss, your zoo rank will increase. Before long, you'll be expanding and customizing your zoo with various designs and decorations! You just might come across a family of ducks or a calico cat, or even cruise around in a UFO! With endless ways to spice things up, there’s never a dull moment as a zookeeper!

About Zookeeper World

Category: Match-3 Puzzle & Zoo Building
Available Countries: More than 150 Countries around the world
Platform: Apple Arcade
Compatible devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac

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