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Price FREE
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Requirements Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



ZOOKEEPER”, the popular action puzzle game played by over 10 million people, is now a Battle Puzzle, and is available for iOS!!!

“ZOOKEEPER” has powered up and become even more fun, with rankings, avatars, item collection, and other new elements added for “ZOOKEEPER BATTLE”!

The game is simple! Those who know ZOOKEEPER - and even those who don’t - can enjoy this game from the start!

How do you catch animals?

How do you catch animals?
Replace the animals that are side by side,
and line up more than three animals vertically or horizontally to catch them!
The animals caught can be used for ATTACK or DEFENSE.

How do you battle?

Battle by catching animals and going head to head
with ATTACK and DEFENSE for 30-second rounds.
When your opponent’s LIFE is completely gone, you win!
In the event of a draw, battle it out for one more round!!
*When victory hasn’t been decided after 5 rounds, the one with the most remaining LIFE wins.


Animal panel setup is the same as your opponent’s!
However you try to hide it, the falling animal panels are the same as your opponent’s.
The one to catch animals most effectively wins.
However, item panels fall at random.
Your victory just may depend on your luck.

Master active chains!
Just sitting back and waiting for animal panels
to disappear won’t get you anywhere!
While the panels disappear, keep catching other
animals and make your own chains!

Don’t miss the lucky animals!
Lucky animals which only one kind of animal is selected
per round are figured into your ATTACK and DEFENSE. Don’t forget to check them out when starting a round!